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Our story

All that glitters, is Byron Bay Gold!

Nestled in NSW, Michael's lifelong passion for cultivation started seeding at age 15, working alongside his 3rd Generation farmer father in gardens spanning Australia and beyond. Together, they explored the secrets of maximizing yield and flavour in veggies, flowers, and fruits


In 1988, Michael's relentless dedication to nutrition and personal passion for winning body-building competitions led him to a breakthrough: The idea that the body and a plant have specific needs at different cycles. So he developed three stages of full spectrum nutrients tailored to treat Plants like we treat athletes; specifically increasing health, strength, flavour, oils, yield and all the good stuff.


With a commitment to growing healthier, hardier and honestly, Michael firmly stands on the side of growers. He knows firsthand the hard work and dedication it takes to bring nature's bounty to life. That's why he insists that all nutrients should be made with the same care and precision as

Byron Bay Gold.

Byron Bay Golds Proven results show that We don't have to be the biggest player, to grow the best gold!

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