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Have Questions? Look below or simply send us an email and we will get back to you.

  • Why are there A&B parts to Byron Bay Gold Nutrients?
    Byron Bay Gold nutrients are separated into A&B parts to stop the elements reacting in their highly concentrated form. A reaction at this ratio would cause the elements to not work correctly and/or cancel each other out. We recommend half filling your reservoir half way before adding the nutrient. Adding the second half of your water after your nutrients is also a great way to mix them.
  • What is the ideal Water Temperature?
    Plants grow better with a water temperature between 15ºC and 25ºC with 20ºC being ideal. Water temperature above 25ºC increases your plants potential of root disease. We recommend using a root conditioner if your plants have been subject to water at a high temp.
  • What is the ideal Grow Room Temperature?
    Plants perform better with a grow room temperature between 15ºC and 25ºC, keeping your room at around 15ºC will avoid problems and ensure a safe grow environment. Grow rooms can reach up to a temperature of 30ºC as long as the water temp remains under 25ºC.
  • Can Byron Bay Gold Nutrients be used in soil?
    Yes, Byron Bay Gold works excellent in the ground and with various soils. However due to the broad spectrum of different soil types, determining your exact nutrient strength isn’t as straightforward. Soil is a non-neutral grow medium meaning it possesses a lot of the different elements that can be found in the formula of the Nutrient. The levels of these elements are different in all sorts of soil. Given this factor of unknown, when dealing with soil we recommend a half strength dose with regular water or a full strength dose on every third water. Many successful farms are using Byron Bay Gold this way and the results are equally as good as hydroponic growers.
  • Can I use Additives with Byron Bay Gold Nutrient?
    Yes, although it is not needed. Our Nutrient is formulated to be complete in each stage of plant growth, this was a determining factor for breaking it into 3 key stages. Not only is this a more simple and cost effective approach it adds a more controlled release on perfect timing. If you are persistent on using additives, an organic phosphorus additive such as Bio Desiel is a better option than a PK booster which is particularly not required.
  • What is the Shelf-Life of Byron Bay Gold?
    Very long, we have tested our Nutrient up to 5 years old with no difference in analysis. We recommend keeping your nutrients at a cool temperature to avoid any potential for growth.
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