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Since 1980 - The Byron Bay Gold Story

Byron Bay Gold’s origins date to 1980, when father and son Joe and Michael Agius began growing a range of different crops using Hydroponics.

At the time, this method of growing was a virtually unheard of technology and was not being utilised by commercial farmers in Australia. As pioneers of this type of farming, the limited available information required the pair to undertake lots of their own research and development, which over time allowed them to build significant expertise in understanding the nutrient needs of various crop types.

After selling the farm in 1987, which was located 30 minutes drive north of Byron Bay, the duo shifted to consultancy and went on to help farmers around the world establish their own hydroponic farms.

While successful in spreading hydroponics across the globe, Michael decided to open his own hydroponic supplies store in 1999, near the old farm, so he wouldn’t have to travel regularly away from his family.

After many years of helping local farmers and hobbyists in the Byron area, he saw many struggle with hydroponic nutrient additives, which improve the performance of crops, but added significant cost and complexity to the process.

To solve this problem, Michael determined a way of adding many of these additives into the nutrient solution he formulated. The resulting solution split the growing cycle into three parts (VEG, FLOWER & FRUIT) which both reduced the complexity and cost of growing crops hydroponically.

Michael decided to name his revolutionary product Byron Bay Gold; a homage to the area in which he and his father developed their understanding of hydroponics and the results achieved by local customers who reported it to be the best nutrient solution ever made.

With the recent advancements in the Medical farming sector, large scale operations were quick to adopt Byron Bay Gold as their Nutrient of choice. The simplicity and all-in-one nature of the formula ensures plants get a perfectly timed dose of all their vital elements and minerals, leaving nothing to human error and guaranteeing great results.

With this all-in-one nutrient now available online and stocked by numerous hydroponics stores, it is now time for you to discover what Byron Bay locals have known for years; that there is an easier, cheaper and better way to grow.

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