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The BBG GOLD range is recommended with COCO coir but works well in all other growing media, perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

SOIL GROWERS: For growing in non neutral grow media such as soil, we recommend a half strength dose with regular water or a full strength dose on every third water.


 With over 30 years of testing on legitimate farms across Australia the BBG GOLD 3 step nutrient is now specifically tailored as a hassle free solution for Hobbyists.

When mixing part A and part B of any Byron Bay Gold phase:
Add part A to your watering can - add water - Then add part B. Or if adding directly to your reservoir, add part A - mix into the water - Then add part B. 

Always use Veg for the first four weeks of your grow cycle. Then (only if expecting a longer grow cycle than 12 weeks) divide the remaining grow time in half and use Flower for the first half, followed by Fruit until the end of your grow. Otherwise grow according to the chart below. 

Cool Climate Feed Chart - Below 25°c


Warm Climate Feed Chart - Above 25°c

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