Byron Bay Gold has been a trusted local secret since 1988 and is now available to professionals and hobbyists Australia wide.  The formulation eliminates the complexity of using expensive additives by splitting the crop cycle into three parts.

1L, 5L and 20L sizes available.


BBG VEG is a powerful vegetive nutrient that promotes healthy roots and vigorous foliage development. Our formula contains all the essential elements for fast, optimal growth such as Nitrogen, Calcium and Phosphorus that activate specific enzymes in all the key areas of plant formation. Providing your plants with the correct ratio of nutrients at the first stage of their grow cycle helps establish close internodes and ensures a healthy and resilient crop.


BBG FLOWER is specifically designed to initiate the formation of flowers as your plants transition out of the vegetive stage into the bloom phase. Created with high quality minerals including Potassium, Magnesium and Iron that not only nurture floral growth but increase its size and density. A slight adjustment of trace elements stimulates the production of hormones and encourages the flowering cycle even more. BBG FLOWER is the easy way of preparing your plants for record breaking results.


BBG FRUIT is specifically formulated to enhance crop size, quality and aroma. By tricking the plant into a second stage of flowering and targeting it’s naturally occurring phytohormones, we have designed the ultimate finishing touch. Introducing BBG FRUIT at the 9 week mark provides your plants with a perfectly timed dose of PK that directs the plants energy and transfers it’s sugars from the leaves and stems into your fruit. Whilst strategically raising the Magnesium and Iron to combat any common deficiencies, replaces the need for any extra additives. For a flavourful, robust crop ‘Grow for GOLD’.